Corkage at Kaiser penzion


Have you heard about corkage yet? You don’t know what to imagine under this term? Then read further.

You won’t get in touch with corkage much in Czech republic as opposed to worldwide trend, but we will get you familiar with this term to broaden your horizons.

So, what does it acutally mean? Simply put, it’s about coming to our penzion with your own bottle of wine, which you will drink by your selves..

We have prepared corkage for you, because our selection of wine might not be exactly according to your taste, or you might have your own favorite wine, which you would wish to drink with your close ones. Either way, same as in restaurants, there is a fee for this service at our penzion. We will professionally prepare your bottle for you, if needed we will also cool it down or decant it for you and we will prepare the right glasses and some little suitable snack. The fee charged for this service is a logical compensation for the loss of profit. The amount of this fee of course differs according to location and type of accommodation, at our penzion you will pay 120,- Czk per one bottle of self-brought wine. We believe you will be satisfied with this service and you will enjoy your wine as you would enjoy it at your own home.