When there's bad weather

Rack railway

No visitor should miss the opportunity of visiting the rack railway Tanvald – Harrachov, which is very rare in the Czech republic. Today the original rack locomotives were unfortunately replaced by the machines with adhesion traction, but visiting this railway is definitely worth it.

Jablonec nad Nisou

A district city located 20km from Kořenov, famous mostly for glassblowing and bijouterie industry. There is a swiming pool with two slides and many more water attractions – suitable trip in the case of bad weather. There is a very good bus connection between the Kořenov and the Jablonec n.N.


A district city located 30km from Kořenov, with good bus and train connection. Liberec offers a view of the Ještěd mountain, many water atractions in the Babylon aquacenter, which offers a lot more other possibilites to enjoy yourself. While visiting Liberec we also recommend you to visit the local zoo, which is one of the best in Czech republic, and also a very nice botanical garden.