Tips for trips


There are hiking and other tourist maps available at the reception desk of hotel Kaiser and we will be happy to help you with choosing a route for your trip. There are also available for you to borrow Nordic Walking poles for refundable deposit of 100Czk,- / person / day at the reception desk of our hotel.

During summer season you can order a light summer lunch or a lunch package for a trip.

TIP: Make your trip more pleasent and have a picnic!

We will prepare your picnic into a stylish picnic basket and we will even lend you a blanket. In case needed, we will pack you the food and blanket into your bag or we can also lend you a bag of our own. The contents of picnic basket have to be requested through our reception desk at least a day before the trip. Everyone can then get exacttly what he truly enjoys - sect, wine, strawberies, toasts, cooked meat, ...

Paseky nad Jizerou

A neighbor village in Rejdice catastr, known mostly from Karel Rais's "Zapadlý vlastenci" book. Krkonošské museum is definitely worth a visit, local church is also worth seeing. In winter the village is known downhill skiing resort.

Štěpánka watchtower

Štěpánka is the oldest watchtower in Jizera mountains. Its building process was started by the prince Camille Rohan in the year 1847. The view from the watchtower is quite beatiful – apart from western part of Krkonoše mountains there is to see the second highest mountain of Jizera mountains, the Jizera mountain, and also the Souš dam. There are rumors about Štěpánka watchtower, that Rohan stopped the building process because of the warning by the gipsy woman that stated, that he will die shortly after finishing the building of the watchtower, which has hapenned in 1892 and the prince Rohan then really died several months after. Štěpánka watchtower has been very popular among the people since its very beginning, its characteristic siloute has been presented as the Rigi of Jizera mountains.


A known mountain recreational center. You can take an excursion tour of beer brewery together with glassmaking workshop, where you can directly watch from above the manufacturing process of blown glass. Take the offer of a trip with an excursion train, which will take you up to the bridges, from which there is to see the beatiful view of the whole Harrachov.

Mumlava waterfalls

The Mumlava waterfalls are located near the recreational center of Harrachov, on the Mumlava river, on the edge of Mumlava mine pod Ptačincem. It is the richest waterfall in the meaning of water flowing with the sound of water using all its width of stream with depth approx. 10m. The waterfalls take all the river and create huge riffles, so called "Devil's eyes". There is a Mumlava hut nearby the waterfalls – it was originally the Harrachov's gamekeeper's lodge, today it is a restaurant for travelers. Waterfalls are well accessible on foot, but also on a bicycle using a tarmac road, which are motor vehicles forbidden to use.


In the summer season are the Jizera mountains one of the most popular destinations for the fans of cyclotourism. Staff of the Kaiser hotel will be happy to recommend you 20 most popular routes from the relaxing ones, so called starters, with the length of 15km and elevation of 240m, to the most challenging ones with the length of 80km (mountain top vaiant) and elevation of 1600m. Apart from clasic cyclo routes you can choose from those, that are thematically focused.

To the "castle" to see chancelour Šámal (8 km)

The shortest cyclo route of Jizera mountains for people all ages, mostly for families with children. The settlement nearby Blatný pond was originally part of glassblowing huts. Later it was rebuilt into the hunting lodge, which was in the 1930's often visited by the first chancelour of ČSR, JUDr. Přemysl Šámal.

Glassblowing huts in Jizera mountains (14,2 km)

A cyclo route of a shorter type guides the visitors of Jizera mountains through the glassblowing and bijouterie industry, whose tradition goes way back to the 16th century. Atention, however, should be paid mostly to these 3 locations: rest of glassblowing huts in Bedřichov (right under the Lesní cottage), the memorium of glassblowing in Jizera mountain in the villages of Kristiánov and Nová Louka.

To stretch the body and see (22,4 km)

A cyclo route of a medium length ideal for those, who are not satisfied with just a simple ride on a bicycle, but want to experience more. For that cause there are two stops, the rocky viewpoint Krásná Máří nad frýdlantskou kotlinou a Hejdice and the wooden viewpoint Na Čihadle, which is above the lake mires.

Natural beauty of Jizera mountains (26,8 km)

A medium length cyclo route that is suitable for getting to know the beauty of the surrounding nature of Jizera mountains. In the beginning you will see the dark surface of the Černá Nisa dam, and later little monuments, or just mountain pastures with its typical flora.


In the nearest surrounding area of hotel Kaiser (approx. 150m) you can find a 350m long piste Bavorák with a possibilty of evening skiing, that is suitable for children, but also for mildly advanced or medium advanced skiers. The piste is operated by the poma lift and the rope lift for children. There is also a ski rent place and the instructor of skiing school available.

For the more demanding skiers there is a piste in Kořenov - Rejdice areal approx. 3km far from the hotel, ski - areal Harrachov approx. 6,5km far from the hotel, ski - areal Příchovice, then Tanvald Špičák, which is also a viewpoint, Vysoké nad jizerou areal and Paseky nad Jizerou areal.

For the fans of the cross country skiing are the Jizera mountains ideal place thanks to the dense network of maintained cross country ski routes. It's not just the Jizerská magistrála, that is the largest and most known part of the Jizera mountains and is comfortly accessible directly from the hotel.

Thanks to the location of the hotel are reachable even the cross country ski routes from Krkonoše mountains, but also other less known, however very nice, places, which will the staff of hotel Kaiser be happy to inform you about and you can also borrow cross country ski tourist maps.

We are preparing more specific informations and offers for the winter season.

When there's bad weather

Rack railway

No visitor should miss the opportunity of visiting the rack railway Tanvald – Harrachov, which is very rare in the Czech republic. Today the original rack locomotives were unfortunately replaced by the machines with adhesion traction, but visiting this railway is definitely worth it.

Jablonec nad Nisou

A district city located 20km from Kořenov, famous mostly for glassblowing and bijouterie industry. There is a swiming pool with two slides and many more water attractions – suitable trip in the case of bad weather. There is a very good bus connection between the Kořenov and the Jablonec n.N.


A district city located 30km from Kořenov, with good bus and train connection. Liberec offers a view of the Ještěd mountain, many water atractions in the Babylon aquacenter, which offers a lot more other possibilites to enjoy yourself. While visiting Liberec we also recommend you to visit the local zoo, which is one of the best in Czech republic, and also a very nice botanical garden.